Tuesday, 15 August 2006


We had been discussing the difficulties of going to the toilet in a wedding dress and comparing Japanese bidet-toilets with bottles.
Hmm. I wondered what a washlet was until I realised it was a bidet.[1] I like bidets and was so delighted when they had one in the en suite in Buenos Aires. Surely they are commonplace in Europe? I remember it when I went to stay with my second cousin in Amsterdam (two and a half centuries ago) and when I went on an exchange visit to Paris (again, in my distant youth). Of course bottles are fine and there is no need for all the technology but it is a pleasant luxury when you come across it. I would certainly have one installed if I ever get to own my own bathroom. Strangely there was a bidet on the door step of a house I was visiting today.
And continuing our discussion of a friend’s Catholicism
I understand the comforting psychology of having a Jesus concept wipe away your ‘sins’ and having a nice smiling group saying they love you in the name of Jesus and feeling unconditional acceptance. I think the psychology of most religions is about acceptance into a group. I do not deny the role it played for me in my distant youth. Actually I think belonging to the community of living things (sub-group: humanity) is good enough for me now.